Comedy-Beach House

Comedy-Beach House


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Beta Tape Beach House Comedy- TXC1635 Color ..76 min.. Thorn Emi Video…Starring..Kathy McNeil, Richar Duggan, Ileana Seidel, John Cosola.. It s wild and wonderful summertime. And a happy-go-lucky gang from Philadephia is going "to the shore" to the beaches, bars, and boardwalks for a week of sun, sand, surf, and sex. So are the rowdy youths from Brookland, who just happen to be the downstairs neighors. The inevitable happens with uproarious outbursts of fighting that end with both groups being hauled off to the local police station. They settle their differences the next day with a zany slapstick softball game. These raucous events are romantically offset by a poignant interlude between the "nice,shy" boy from Brooklyn and the youngest newcomer to the Philadelphia gane, which proves to be the cause of even more complications. Bikinis, beer, and rock n roll are the elements of this fun-filled musical comedy romp.

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