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    You can enjoy the confidence of safer fire spinning with this easy to
    follow “fire” training video. Chapters: 1. Am I ready for fire? 2. What do I need?
    3. What should I wear? 4. The Location 5. Fire Safety 6. Equipment check
    7. Fuelling up 8. Dance 9. Extinguishing your tools 10. Clean up.. NEW Sealed

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  • DVD Windrunner (2003) New


    DVD Windrunner (2003) New
    The people in a small town look down their noses at Greg Cima because
    his father is a convict. Like father, like son, they say. Greg blames his father for his problems
    and believes that his only chance to prove himself is on the football field. After hes kicked off the team,
    he meets a mysterious Native American who teaches him that his destiny is in his own hands. Color-99 mins- New

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  • DVD:8 Mile Full Screen DVD w/ Bonus Rap Battles & Music Video


    8 Mile Full Screen DVD w/ Bonus Rap Battles & Music Video. The hip-hop generation gets its Saturday Night Fever with 8 Mile, director Curtis Hanson’s searing, grimy look at the world of freestyle rap in mid-’90s Detroit and its most notorious progeny, Eminem — or, more specifically, a rapper nicknamed Rabbit who happens to bear an uncanny similarity to the controversial superstar. The film seems tailor-made to deflect criticism of the media-hungry artist: The man otherwise known as Marshall Mathers is portrayed as a hard worker, doting big brother, and even friend to ostracized gay co-workers. And yet 8 Mile is no puff piece. Eminem’s character is also hotheaded, insular, and, with his gray skull cap and headphones perpetually glued to his head, more than a little nerdy. Hanson and writer Scott Silver have managed to create such a vivid milieu, time period, and bank of supporting characters, a first-time actor can’t help but succeed, and Eminem acquits himself well — there isn’t a moment when he’s grandstanding or playing to the camera. Predictably, the women who orbit Rabbit’s life — including a defiantly cast but strangely appropriate Kim Basinger and an irresistibly tarty Brittany Murphy — don’t fare as well in the scheme of the plot, but they’re at least understandably, three-dimensionally pathetic and/or two-timing. Tying it all together are the thrilling, incendiary freestyle scenes, which dovetail perfectly with the drama and underline the pitch-black insult humor that provides the burgeoning rapper — and seemingly, just about everyone else in Detroit — with his only real release. After its world premiere at the 2002 Toronto Film Festival, 8 Mile broke box-office records in the US when it garnered the second-largest opening ever for a drama. DVD is used and in its original box!

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  • DVD:Ben Wagner (2003) NEW


    DVD Ben Wagner (2003) NEW
    George Wagner (Sam Bottoms) moves his wife and family, including son Ben (Justin Gocke) to a new town
    where he begins a real estate job for Angelo Romano (Craig Clyde). Ben a high school freshman, doesnt
    seem to get along with his busy somewhat distant father. He finds consolation with a mysterious young girl
    Regina (Bettina Rae) and her Grammy (Sylvia Sidney), who are both thought by the townspeople to be witches.
    Ben soon believes himself bewitched by Regina, a secret he shares with his sister, Liz (Jamie Ballard),
    and he becomes more confident, making the schools basketball team and earning better grades,
    while still searching for his fathers approval. Bens snotty teenage sister, Susan (Elizabeth Shumway),
    whos trying to stay friends with the stuck-up rich girl Ashley Addison Amy Allred), blackmails Liz into
    learning about Regina, causing a near fatal accident when Liz follows Ben to the lake and tumbles into a stream.
    She is saved by Ben, and as the family unites at the hospital, Susan confesses tearfully her abysmal behavior. Meanwhile,
    Romanos efforts to develop high rise condos on the land near the lake are spearheaded by George. Grammy puts a curse on him,
    causing him bad luck. Finally learning from his son, who is upset at his fathers plans for the lake, George scares the potential
    investors away from the deal with a false geology report. Romano fires George who is promptly offered a job by Ashleys father
    Scott McMillan. Grammy and the Wagners celebrate the good news while Regina tells Ben that neither she nor Grammy are witches.
    Theyre just different and Bens improved behavior has come from within himself. Color- 93 mins- New-

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  • DVD:Just in Time (2003) NEW


    DVD Just in Time (2003) NEW
    One thing is absolutely clear in this movie; little Lily is really hurting from the
    loss of her mother in a automobile accident. A little less clear is that her father,
    Michael, deals with the loss by throwing himself into his work as if that will cover up the pain.
    The movie would have done well enough to just leave it to that, and how the understanding baby-sitter,
    Faith, helped both come to positive terms with the death. Instead, they throw in a gold digger woman after
    Michael and even a romance with the new nanny. For families that have lost a parent, however, the movie should
    serve as a tool to help everyone get to talking about how they feel about the death. For families that havent lost a parent,
    it could provide a road map of how they should deal with such a possibility
    Color- 82 mins- New-

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  • DVD:Kids Bob the Builder Digging for Treasure 2006


    DVD Bob the Builder: Digging for Treasure 2006
    3 Episodes Scoop’s Stegosaurus, Scruffty the Detective and Bob’s Metal Detector .
    Bob and his machine pal Scoop bring their can-do attitude to making a ditch in
    DIGGING FOR TREASURE. While working hard, the pair makes a mammoth discovery: dinosaur bones!
    They want to send them to a museum so everyone can enjoy their find, but the mischievous Spud takes
    some for his own mini-museum. Meanwhile Muck comes to the rescue as he tries to find buried booty of his own.
    running time 30 min

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  • DVD:Kids Popeye and Other Cartoon Treasures


    DVD Popeye and Other Cartoon Treasures
    color runtime 90 minutes
    Popeye-Gopher spinach-Aladdin and his wonderful lamp

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  • DVD:Kids Sesame Street: Kids’ Favorite Songs 2


    DVD Sesame Street: Kids’ Favorite Songs 2
    Elmo and his gang of brightly colored muppets join up to
    lead children in an interactive musical celebration. Sesame Street Kids’ Favorite Songs 2 DVD The rambunctious
    muppet gang–Snuffy, Zoe, and Baby Bear–help the neighborhoods kids sing-a-long to nursery rhymes and funny songs.
    Sesame Street Kids’ Favorite Songs 2 movie Songs include “On Top of Spaghetti,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and “Rubber Duckie.”.
    Orig Year 2001
    DVD Encoding Region 1
    CD Universe Part number 2246691
    Catalog number 1000124845
    Discs 1
    Release Date Oct 30, 2001
    Rating Not Rated
    Running Time 45 Minutes
    Movie Details Color; Dolby Surround AC-3 Sound; Surround Sound; Digital Sound

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  • DVD:Kids SpongeBob Krusty Krab Adventures InteracTV DVD Based Learning System NIB


    SpongeBob Krusty Krab Adventures InteracTV DVD Based Learning System In Stock By Fisher Price new in package. Learn Money values,Sentence structure,Counting, Early Reading ,Memory Skills, Logical thinking and more . Over 100 interactive learning questions & activities.NEW

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  • DVD:Kids Woody Woodpecker and Other Cartoon Treasures


    DVD Woody Woodpecker and Other Cartoon Treasures
    color runtime 90 minutes
    The land of the lost-Teachers pest-Gabby swing cleaning-Pantry Panic

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  • DVD:Planet Heroes ACE IN SPACE Movie Fisher Price 2007


    DVD Planet Heroes ACE IN SPACE Movie Fisher Price 2007
    Earth Ace looks and acts like every other 10 year old boy on the planet until he gets a signal from space. Suddenly his skateboard morphs into a super board and he’s the top sky pilot in the solar system! He’s also part of the planet heroes an intergalactic team united to save the solar system from the sinister forces of the villainous black hole professor darkness How did an earth boy hook up with this cosmic crew? Who is this space villain and what is his plan for destruction? Stay tuned for an adventure that’s out of this world. 27:37 minutes episode Color not rated. In very good used condition..

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  • DVD:The Sandy Bottom Orchestra (2005)NEW


    DVD The Sandy Bottom Orchestra (2005)NEW
    Based on a novel by Garrison Keillor (LAKE WOBEGON DAYS)
    and Jenny Lind Nilsson, THE SANDY BOTTOM ORCHESTRA is a slice Midwestern
    life familiar to fans of Mr. Keillors fiction. This Showtime original stars Glenne Headly
    as Ingrid, a sophisticated woman who moved to rural Sandy Bottom, Wisconsin with her husband,
    abandoning her promising career as a classical pianist. Now a mother and the head of the local
    church choir, Ingrid spends her time trying to introduce new pieces of music to the congregation
    and challenging the communitys rural mentality. Meanwhile, her husband, Norman, has persuaded the town
    to allow a classical concert at Dairy Days, the towns annual festival, with the hope that he can establish
    a high water mark in the towns dubious musical history. Color 99 Mins New

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  • DVD:The Santa Trap (2002)NEW


    DVD The Santa Trap (2002)NEW
    Actors Corbin Bernsen, Robert Hays, Stacy Keach, Shelley Long,
    Dick Van Patten The Emersons have recently moved, and with the hot weather of their new home, they cant get into the
    Christmas spirit. To prove Santa Claus is real to her disbelieving brother 10 year old Judy Emerson sets a trap and
    catches him. To her horror, her parents call the police and have jolly old St. Nick thrown in jail. She has to convince
    her family that the man in jail is the real Santa, or Christmas all over the world will be ruined. Before Santa gets back
    on his journey everyone involved learns that the true spirit of Christmas comes from the heart. Color 88 mins New

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  • DVD:Thomas & Friends: Calling All Engines!


    DVD Thomas & Friends: Calling All Engines!
    Summertime is always beautiful on the Island of Sodor. It is a busy time for all of the engines.
    …but when the Steam engines and Diesels can’t get along, and no work is getting done, the engines are
    in a terrible mess! Will the new airport get ready in time? Will the bridge get built? Can the engines save the day?
    Running time 150 min

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  • DVD:Thomas and Friends Steamies vs. Diesels and Other Thomas Adventures 2004


    DVD Thomas and Friends: Steamies vs. Diesels and Other Thomas Adventures 2004
    On the Island of Sodor, two kinds of engines help keep
    Sir Topham Hatt?s railway running smoothly ? steamies and diesels. But is the Island big enough
    for both? It?s not always easy for these engines to put aside their differences and work together.
    See what happens when the diesels tease Thomas. Will Thomas come to their aid when they need this
    Really Useful steamie?s help? And when Gordon develops some very loud squeaks and rattles, will Sir
    Topham Hatt retire him to the yard for good? That?s what the diesels say! Get on board with the steamies
    and the diesels and see how they finally learn that, from brake pipe to buffer, all engines are more alike than not.
    running time 38 min

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  • DVD:Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends – It’s Great to Be an Engine (2004)


    DVD Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends – It’s Great to Be an Engine (2004)
    Magic carpets, rip-roaring races, snow, sleet, wind and trainloads of ice cream!
    Every season on the Island of Sodor brings new opportunities for adventure and discovery.
    And that means there is never a dull moment for Thomas and all the engines on Sir Topham Hatt?s Railway.
    Will Emily get the timber to Farmer McColl in time to save the baby calves? Will Toby muster enough confidence
    to push Gordon up a hill? Maybe with a little encouragement from his friends. And will James learn that it?s better
    to be useful than to be important? Watch and find out. Share in these timeless stories featuring seven of
    the island?s classic characters, and you?ll see why it?s true that it?s great to be an Engine!
    running time 60 min

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  • DVD:Transformers: Energon – Omega Supreme (DVD, 2005)


    Transformers: Energon – Omega Supreme (DVD, 2005)
    Picking up where the TRANSFORMERS: ARMADA series left off,
    TRANSFORMERS: ENERGON continues to chronicle the saga of the mutating robots and their epic battles
    over the fate of mankind. This series follows the heroic Optimus Prime and his legion of Autobots and
    Omnicons as they struggle to defeat the villainous Alpha Q, his Decepticon minion Scorponok, a new breed of
    Transformers known as Terrorcons, and the return of the deadly Megatron. This fourth volume includes four more
    episodes of the animated television series.

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