Antique Vogue F Mandolin


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  • Antique Vogue F Mandolin


    Antique Vogue F Mandolin flat back.. 25″ long, 8 strings 4 missing, Ivory tuning keys?,some scratches on the body and 2 small cracks on the back side of the body.. the ivory piece on the bridge is half broken ,has a pick guard looked to Bakelite ?? The fret broad has 4 mother of pearl dots..Now please note I do Not know anything about mandolins so please check pictures and if you need more please email..

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  • Blume Porcelain Bells~New York & Japan~Vintage


    Here is a set of three vintage porcelain bells…they are white with REAL gold paint accents….inside of bell is a stamp…a symbol of some sort and then it reads, “BLUME NEW YORK/JAPAN….each bell is about 1 1/2″ tall….1 1/4” wide….each has a yellowish-gold cord to hang by and each makes a lovely deep sound……

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  • Fancy Porcelain Powder Can Reproduction~Elegant Dresser


    Here is an elegant dresser accessories….beautiful porcelain vessel is made to look like the vintage cans of powder….done in a beautiful blue color with floral spray on it….REAL gold paint on cap….bottom has a stamp on it….crest really, not sure what it reads though….it features a crown, two symbols under the crown and it LOOKS like it reads, “Vienna Portegese” on bottom???? ….ELEGANT porcelain powder container is about 5″ tall and 2 1/2″ wide…….Good used condition..

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  • Porcelain Bells~4 Tiny Bells~Elegant Tree Trims


    Here is a set of four porcelain bells….they are made by BLUME New York/Japan….each is stamped inside of bell….”BLUME NEW YORK JAPAN”….they measure about 1 1/2″ tall and 1 1/2″ across bottom…..some cracking and chipping…but in good shape for their age! One is missing it sound ball inside the bell….there one that features a wreath and has chipping and cracking….another features a poinsettia flower and candy canes….the other two feature bells and ribbons and reads, Merry Christmas…one is in good shape with just a few tiny chips and the other is missing its inside sound ball and has a rather large chip on the outer body of bell…….buying as is condition.. old pieces..If more pictures are needed please email.. Thanks

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  • Shelf:Unusal primitive looking rusty Shelf Unit with Spoons


    Unusal primitive looking rusty Shelf Unit with Spoons
    This is a neat unit 2 spoons on each side with 2 meatla stars
    with a old nail to hang coats or other items a shelf on the top for other items 23″ long
    top sheld 5 3/4″ wide the tan piece is 4 1/2″ real rusty looking.This could be used for cookbooks
    or to hang tea towels. In good used condition..

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