Tin:Lancaster Salted Nuts Since 1914 Goldtone Tin

Tin:Lancaster Salted Nuts Since 1914 Goldtone Tin


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Vintage….Rectangular Tin… Lancaster Salted Nuts Since 1914. This vintage goldtone tin box measures approximately 8 1/4″ x 4″ x 1 1/2″ high (with lid on) and features a black & gold filigree border on the (L) side of the tin with the word “Lancaster” in script across the front and the words “Salted Nuts” on the bottom (R) side. There is the company logo in the upper (R) corner with the words “Since 1914…Salutariet Delicatus”. The tin is very tarnished with rusting, both inside and outside, and also has some dents, but still a very nice collectible! In used condition.

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