Kid Video-The Flintstone Comedy Show

Kid Video-The Flintstone Comedy Show


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Beta Tape The Flintstone Comedy Show 25 Silver Anniversary Special….Animated..1061…Color..60 mins…Hanna-Barbera… Voices by…Henry Corden, Mel Blanc, Jean Vander Ply, Gay Autterson, Frank Welker, Lennie Weinrib, Zelda Rubinstein, Charles Nelson Reilly, Ruta Lee, Paul Reubens….. Where the Flintstones go, comedy follows! There are six episodes of comic misadvertures, plus three educational vignettes, with the Flintstones and their Bedrock neighbors on this cassette: Mountain Frustration — Bedrock cops Fred and Barney must investigate strange footprints in the snow. Potion Problems — Fred s bizarre neighbor Atrocia Frankenstone accidentally infects him with a "hate" potion. Camp Out Mouse — When Fred takes Dino on a camping trip, a pesky cavemouse tags along. Clownfoot — Captain Caveman enlists Wilma and Betty in the search for a supervillian. Ghost Sitters — There s nothing but trouble when Pebbles and Bamm Bamm babysit little Bratrock. Sands of the Saharastone — A pleasure drive through the Saharastone Desert is cut short when Wilma and Betty are abducted by Arabian shieks.

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