Drama-A Night in Heaven

Drama-A Night in Heaven


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Beta Tape A Night in Heaven Drama…1323-20..Color..85 mins..Key Video..Starring..Christopher Atkins, Lesley Ann Warren, Robert Logan.. Yesterday she was his teacher. Tonight she will be his lover. She is lonely. She is married. And she is in love with her husband. But, in one night, she will give herself passionately, completely, obsessively – to one of her students. Their affair begins in a nightclub called Heaven, where, hours after school teacher Whitney fails her student Rick, she is shocked to find him moonlighting as a striptease artist. There, in hot, steamy, close quarters, something happens to her. Desires long dormant awaken – and from this unexpected erotic encounter is born an affair which tests her marriage, her sexuality and herself. In his most challenging role, Christopher Atkins delivers a dramatic punch as the confused but likeable Rick. Matching him is the multi-talented Lesley Ann Warren as the wife who abandons herself to lust, tenderness and finally, understanding. In one very torrid scene, the two of them not only re-enact love s passion very convincingly – but also the pain that often accompanies it.

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