Action-The Adventure Of Hercules

Action-The Adventure Of Hercules


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Beta Tape The Adventures of Hercules Fantasy/Action….MB800681…Color..1hr 29 min…MGM/UA Home Video….Starring..Lou Ferrigno… A spectacular fantasy of gods and heroes starring famed body builder Lou Ferrigno! In a fantastic world of fierce gods and bold heroes, evil forces conspire to usurp the power of Zeus. Who can save the universe from chaos and darkness? Why, none other than that legendary strongman Hercules, played by celebrated bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno ( The Incredible Hulk) in the spectacular movie The Adventures of Hercules. Imaginatively conceived and packed with thrills, The Adventures of Hercules takes the invincible hero on a treacherous mission. He must battle the most diabolical creatures in the universe when he is commanded by his father Zeus to recover seven magical thunder-bolts stolen by three rebellious goddesses. Aided by a pair of beautiful maidens with special powers, he clashes with the repellent Slime People, the ferocious Fire Monster. and King Minos, the evil monarch who seeks to control or destroy all living things. Before order can be restored, Hercules must engage in a cosmic battle with King Minos that threatens to send the moon hurtling towards Earth in a devastating collison. With its awesome special effects, The Adventures of Hercules is an exciting movie treat.

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