Action-Cruise Missile

Action-Cruise Missile


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Beta Tape Cruise Missile Classic Action…41910…Color…100 min.. Monterey Home Video…Starring..Peter Graves..Curt Jurgens..Michael Dante… In a society that could erupt into a nuclear holocaust upon the much too fragile whims of the powerful, there will be times when perhaps that only chance for peace may lie within the boundaries of a few violent men. Cruise Missile. The world dances on a percipice, the destructive force of great weapons poised. Cruise Missile. Premiered at this year s prestigious Milak International Film Festival (MIFED), Cruise Missile is the action packed adventure that leads us from backroom to boardroom. The human race pawns in the great game of intrigue adn mayhem, their hopeful fate resting in the hands of a uinque task force on a seemingly hopeless impossible mission. Peter Graves, Curt Jurgens and John Carradine head a cast of International stars exploding across the screen to bring you all the excitement, the intrigue, the danger, ad the destruction that is Cruise Missile.

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