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  • Air Cleaner/Deodorizer by Conair


    Vintage Air Cleaner/Deodorizer by Conair
    Attractive appearance fits the decor of any room:
    Quiet long life motor will give you years of silent trouble free use:
    off/on switch:
    On/off light tells you that the clean air is working:
    Hanging hook permits the unit to hang on the wall:
    Cord storage area hides, stores and protects the line cord:
    Filter drawer allows you to change filter easily without taking the unit apart:
    Tabletop feet lets the unit operate on any flat surface.
    Removes odors dust pollen and tobacco smoke:
    Model SE1 120 V AC 50/60 Hz 13 Watts in good working condition
    Was $15.00

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  • Sachets and Potpourri Packs(9)


    Sachets and Potpourri Packs(9)
    1 Sweet Mulberry- 2 Apples n Spice- 2 Ambrosia- 1 Lavande et Rose- 1 Sachet of Peach- 1 Cranberry- 1 Tender Violet. Buying as due to age

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